RC Parents' Council

What do we do?

The Runnymede Parents' Council is comprised of parent representatives from each class at the school. The Council holds monthly meetings during which matters of concern and interest related to the school are discussed. The Council also organises social activities and fundraising events, the proceeds from which are used to purchase a wide range of equipment and teaching resources for the benefit of the pupils. Donations are also made to local and international charities from monies raised.

Through its elected Executive Committee, the Parents' Council ensures that matters of interest to Runnymede parents are discussed and suggestions are brought forward to the schools management team. The Parents' Council is by no means an exclusive line of communication between parents and the school. However, over the years the Council has fostered an excellent working relationship with the school's management team making the Runnymede Parents' Council an important vehicle for communication.

What has happened this term

In September we had the Parent's Council Barbeque.

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