Science is an important subject in Key Stage 3 and prepares the pupils for their IGCSEs in the individual science disciplines. We learn essential skills and facts about how our bodies work, the interaction of chemicals and how forces and our grasp of them help shape our lives today. We not only aim to educate but to inspire everybody to create, discover and innovate so that the future is better for everyone.

The human body has evolved from a simple celled organism to what we know today. The differences between species are due to random mutations in the genetic code that are either not successful, in which case that organism does not survive to reproduce or are successful and that organism passes those changes to it’s offspring. Different species are adapted to different environments. Humans can now live in most of the various habitats on the planet due to innovation and our knowledge of science rather than evolution. We have learnt to build machines and tools that enable our bodies to survive in places that are otherwise inhospitable to us. Without science and our inventions we, as a species, would be poorly equipped to survive and could not have become the dominant life form as we are today.

The use of energy and efficiency has been crucial to our meteoric rise to the top of the food chain. A study of the locomotion efficiencies of various species was conducted recently to rank various creatures. Humans were not at the top, in fact we were not even in the top half of the list. An eagle holds top spot for its ability to effortlessly soar on hot air currents. Our bipedal stance is incredibly inefficient and very wasteful in terms of energy. If you include in the list a human on a bicycle, one of our simplest machines, we are number one by a long way. We are successful because of our brains, our ability to create and overcome shortfalls in our own bodies. Our comprehension of science has pushed us forward to great achievements and sometimes, great perils. We are not constrained by the limits of our bodies any more.

Science teaches the laws of nature, Chemistry and Physics so that we can continue moving forward, evolving faster than our bodies can. We can survive in such extreme places only because of our understanding of the world around us. We will continue to progress, discovering new ways of saving energy, converting energy into more useable forms and becoming more efficient. However, we must also be cautious and learn from our past. A new discovery may well lead to gains in the short term but could have disastrous consequences for the long-term future. Fossil fuels and global warming are an example. Science in Key Stage 3 provides the foundation, which is built upon as our pupils move forward through each level and beyond. We hope to create something that will help us, as a species, move forward to the future.