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Sixth form students at Runnymede have a dedicated team of staff who are there to support their university applications process, whether they are applying to the UK, USA, Spain or elsewhere in the world.

The Headmaster, Mr F. Powell, is ultimately responsible for all applications, and takes a keen interest in ensuring every student at Runnymede has the opportunity to apply for the higher education institutions which are right for them. The Headmaster is supported by two Co-Heads of Sixth Form, as well as form tutors, subject teachers and administrative staff, all of whom work hard to make sure that our students achieve offers from some of the world’s best universities. The Headmaster also undertakes a yearly tour of US and UK universities, meeting admissions tutors and making useful contacts.

Students receive detailed advice on how to write their UCAS personal statements, and they work closely with their referee to complete an application which highlights their academic and extracurricular skills and achievements.

With an enviable record of securing places for Runnymede students at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the school offers special support for viable Oxbridge candidates – including reading lists, advice on courses and colleges, and mock interviews. This support is directed by members of staff who themselves attended Oxford or Cambridge.

We are delighted that so many of our students also go on to study at other top universities in the UK, including Imperial, UCL and Warwick. We have representatives from these institutions and more coming to Runnymede throughout the academic year to deliver presentations and offer targeted advice to our students.

We are also delighted that a growing number of students receive offers to study at world-class US universities, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown, NYU and Georgetown. Runnymede staff work with students applying to the USA to help them with their Common Application and essays, and we also offer support to students taking the SATs.

We also have a dedicated member of staff who supports students applying to Spanish universities. Some Runnymede students go on to study at top institutions including ICADE, IE and the Complutense, and we are there to support them throughout the application process.

We take advantage of so many Old Runnymedians currently studying in top-ranking universities across the globe, maintaining a close-knit network of former students who are able to offer advice and feedback, and answer any questions our sixth formers might have.

Naturally, Runnymede also thinks about our students’ lives beyond university. Over the course of the academic year we have professionals who are leaders in their field coming to deliver talks and presentations. In past years we have had designers, journalists, bankers and engineers come to offer our students an insight into the careers which they may choose to follow themselves.

Summer placements are available for students completing Years 11 and 12, giving our students opportunities to complete internships at businesses and NGOs in Spain and beyond.

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