It is clear that we are now well and truly mired in the “post-truth era”, a period in which lies, half-truths and misinformation have become the currency of everyday discourse. It is a time in which debate and discussion have been replaced with assertion and accusation, where politicians can claim they have had enough of experts and one in which people with dissenting views are told “to put up and shut up”. No wonder so many people have retreated to the comfort of their online cocoons where the echo chamber of the Internet confirms their own opinions and prejudices.

So, is there any hope for the future? Well, through the study of History we have a number of powerful weapons at our disposal to prevent us all surrendering to the onslaught of “alternative facts”. We can learn to fact-check, use evidence to support our conclusions, express our views fluently and clearly, expose our judgments to peer review, develop empathy, and debate and discuss with rigour. These are precisely the skills we are trying to foster in the Runnymede History Department. It is what makes the subject of History more important and relevant than ever. It is also what makes it so enjoyable to study and teach.

At Runnymede we are fortunate to have a group of teachers that have a genuine passion for History and who want to help the students enjoy the subject and develop the skills they need to become informed citizens. Whether it be through our day-to-day classes, discussions and debates, investigations or trips and competitions we want students to be actively involved.

We offer History IGCSE and A-level.