old runnymedians A visit from Sofía Molina

It was an absolute pleasure to receive a visit from Sofía Molina recently...

1st April, 2019

old runnymedians Thomas Roberts built a car!

Thomas Roberts is the first Old Runnymedian to build his own car!

1st April, 2019

old runnymedians Manuel Muñiz's efforts being recognised

We join Old Runnymedian Manuel Muñiz in his celebration of this much-deserved recognition!

28th March, 2019

school life Senior School Sports Day 2019

Another year, another Sports Day and another chance for our students to show off their sporting prowess.

28th March, 2019

school life Sponsored Run

The Sponsored Run is an important date on the Junior School calendar…

27th March, 2019

school life Making Runnymede History at Aldovea

This year was a year of firsts for Runnymede at the Cross de Aldovea.

21st March, 2019

school life Fun with Pi

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi) held on 14th of March to honour the numbers 3, 1, and 4, the first three significant digits of π.

18th March, 2019

old runnymedians Yousaf Bokhari interview

The first of our Old Runnymedian interviews is out!

15th March, 2019

old runnymedians Medalla de Oro del Congreso de los Diputados

Charles Powell was rewarded this week

14th March, 2019

school life World Book Day

World Book Day was definitely the highlight of the Literacy Festival week that the Junior School has celebrated for the first time.

11th March, 2019