Calendar & Timetables

2022 - 2023
August September October November
Tuesday 30th
th Form Induction Meeting - Y12
Wednesday 31st
th Form Induction Meeting - Y13
Thursday 1st
Term Begins
Wednesday 12th
Holiday: Fiesta Nacional de España
Saturday 29th
Half-Term Begins
Sunday 6th
Half-Term Ends
Wednesday 9th
Holiday: La Almudena
December January February March
Monday 5th
Holiday: Puente
Tuesday 6th
Holiday: Día de la Constitución Española
Wednesday 7th
Holiday: Puente
Thursday 8th
Holiday: Inmaculada Concepción
Thursday 22nd
Term Ends
Tuesday 10th
Term Begins
Saturday 11th
Half-Term Begins
Sunday 19th
Half-Term Ends
Friday 31st
Term Ends
April May June July
Monday 17th
Term Begins
Monday 1st
Holiday: May 1st
Tuesday 2nd
Holiday: Fiesta de la Comunidad de Madrid
Monday 15th
Holiday: San Isidro
Friday 23rd
Term Ends

At Runnymede we take pride in serving our students quality food. We understand that good nutrition during childhood and adolescence is key for physical growth and emotional development. Our lunch menus are regularly reviewed and adapted according to seasonal availability and nutritional guidelines.

The monthly menus are balanced, varied and follow the guidelines set out by the FAO and the Comunidad de Madrid.

There is always a grilled meat and/or fish option accompanied with vegetables. Fresh salad and fruit is available daily and there is water or milk to drink.

Alternate menus for special diets may be downloaded for printing (PDF 3.3MB).